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To meet the ever tighter dead-line needs of our clients Virtual Productions/Linehan Photography works almost exclusively in digital photography.

We are currently utilizing Canon camera systems which when paired with digital "enlarging" software gives us a minimum of 20 mega-pixel file sizes for the largest trade show panel application.  Linehan Photography clients are provided with high quality images without the added cost of film, processing and Polaroid. In the case of images for print publication, shooting digitally also eliminates the need for film scans.  This represents not only a significant cost savings for projects which are particularly image intensive, but also makes possible a very short "shoot to publication" turn around time."  On several occasions we have created images that immediately were placed into ad layouts and e-mailed to publications or printers. 

Another area where utilizing digitally photography excels is for rapid approval of images from multiple locations.  We have the option of e-mailing images out to clients who can't attend a photo shoot or setting up an image preview/approval web site.  The client has the opportunity to see and provide feedback for their photo shoot without the necessity of being present. We recently completed a shooting where images were reviewed for client comments that came from Massachusetts, Illinois, and  South America.  We also have the capability of setting up web-based client image libraries so that a client can make them immediately accessible on a world-wide basis.  An example of such a site can currently be seen by following this link.  Creating this site of images shot in plants in Mexico not only made the images available to US sales and technical staff, but to international offices representing the company. 

Virtual Productions/Linehan Photography can provide complete design, imaging and prepress services for any publication or display use you may have.


Recent samples of catalog photography.
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Views around the historic seaport of Gloucester

   Composite image created from images above.

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