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QuickTime VR panoramic movies show the viewer a full 360 degree vista. The movie is built out of a series of photographs that is stitched together to form a single flat panoramic image which is wrapped into a barrel and seamed together.  The viewer is placed inside and can look in every direction to see all of the 360 degree scene.  The image below is an interesting and printable by-product of the stitching process.

To change the view in the window hold down your mouse button, the cursor will change to an arrow, and move it to the edge of the side you would like the view to change to and the movie will begin to rotate around.  Use the shift key to magnify the view and control key widen the angle.  If the image has been magnified you will be able to also pan the image up and down.

QuickTime VR object  movies feature a series of views taken as the subject is rotated 360 degrees in 10 degree increments.  The photographs, which can first be individually edited, are then stitched together to create the illusion of a rotate-able subject.  The viewer is given the impression they are holding the object in their hand and have the ability to rotate the item in any direction.

To rotate the object hold your mouse button down in the image area (the cursor will change into a hand) and move it back and forth to rotate in either direction.

QTVR's for web have limited resolution due to the demand of download speed with dial-up connections.  Much larger, high resolution versions could be prepared for use on CD's or laptop computer presentations where the download isn't a consideration.  QTVR's can be imported for use in PowerPoint presentations.

A link to Apple to download the QuickTime viewer for PC or Mac is below.


The View Outside My Door - A QuickTime Panoramic Movie

Anyone who visited my old studio at 42 Blackburn Center in Gloucester will recognize this as the view outside the door of my studio (plenty of parking on a Sunday).

Blackburn Center
Large File - 320x240 (560kb)
Small File - 160x120 (412kb)



Digital Video Camera - A QuickTime Object Movie

Forgive the shameless promotion in the swing-out view screen, but it illustrates how a logo or other modification can be incorporated into the image.  As you can see by this sample there is no reason for the product to appear totally static as it is rotated.

Digital Video Camera
Large File - 320x240 (556kb)
Small File - 160x120 (160kb)



Viewing QTVR requires Apple QuickTime Player which is loaded on many new computers.  If you don't have it, it can be downloaded for free from Apple for either PC or Mac platforms.  Click on the logo or link below.


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